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Concept Benefits & Advantages of Outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing
Regional economic disparities enticed developed countries to outsource routine jobs like data entry/ processing, payroll processing, customer support and other back-office work to countries where labour was low priced and skilled.

The Benefits of Outsourcing are many. Labour is not expensive in less developed countries. Skilled labour is available at a fraction of the cost because expensive tools are not required to be provided. Time zone differences facilitate non-stop routine work during closed hours. Outsourcing enables development of core competencies because mundane jobs are disabled. The risk of managing a large workforce that accounts for very little productivity is virtually non-existent thereby improving manpower management. Customer service gets focussed and improved.

Software Development has been possible in less developed countries with a world-wide web and rich countries have been freely outsourcing tasks that require quick turnaround and voluminous data entry. However, associated risks like lack of eye contact and physical supervision can lead to an uncontrolled performance and excessive wastage of raw material. Different Time Zones can sometimes lead to idle workforce as all types of service are not required round-the-clock.

Web Designing is an area that has been outsourced as the physical presence of a designer is unnecessary. Provided with requisite data and parameters the cost of an in - house designer can be easily negated.

Website SEO is again competitively bid and executed by individuals and companies in less developed countries. It is the process of improving the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine’s search results. The more number of times a site is visited greater is the potential for business growth.

Digital Marketing is an area which requires proper evaluation. It requires exchange of knowledge, expertise, content placement in web, blogs, social media and forums through web design, website seo, content, blogs and so on.

Blogging is best done through outsourcing because of the expertise developed by these individuals and agents. They can place business in the right perspective through search engines and provide maximum traffic for highest returns. Of late controversies have erupted over blogs of people in high offices like Ash hiding her baby, Saifeena into the Pataudi household, Shashi Tharoor tweets that have virtually put his ministerial aspirations in jeopardy. Wikileaks and Assange are now household names. The effectiveness of blogging is tipping over the horizon.

Content Writing is another area that is best outsourced for the sheer volume of data provided by writers in different areas which can be ill-afforded by companies who may have to pay through their nose.

India  is the 2nd largest nation in terms of English-speaking people. India has a large pool of talented and technically proficient programmers to take on any software development challenge. Leading offshore countries like America, Australia, Britain and Canada find India very suitable for outsourcing software projects.  Programmers from India deliver quality solutions at reasonable rates adding value their clients. MNC companies like HP, IBM, Intel, AMD, Microsoft, and Cisco offer software projects in order to cut costs, be competitive and maintain quality. It can be said that citizens from countries like USA, Australia, UK and, Canada even outsource surrogate mothers from India.

All said and done outsourcing has come to stay and the decision of whether to resort to outsourcing has now put even President Obama in a fix because there is a virtual drain of money from the superpower on account of outsourcing on a massive scale.
Nevertheless such an exercise has now led to a boom in the country’s employment rate and quality output besides the regular ringing of the monetary coffers.

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